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Ok Ladies Now Lets Get In Formation!

Posted on July 31 2017

        It's Friday night; you told your girls Monday that you would go out with them for a girls night out. You haven’t been out with them in a while but you’ve had a stressful week at work, and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and watch Netflix. They text you in the group text “Still on at nine ladies?”, You see it's only 7:30, and you reply ‘Yassss!’ in your fake dry, enthused voice and roll over and try to get in a power nap before 9. Suddenly you hear banging on your front door, and you rush out of bed to see it's 9:15 and you are nowhere close to being ready! You start rushing to do your hair, makeup, and the most challenging part, picking out an outfit!


       How many of you ladies have ever experience that dreadful moment where you only have a short period to pull yourself together so that you won’t be the odd one out? The realization is, most of you reading this have been in that exact scenario! However, don’t let some extra beauty sleep catch you off guard ever again! With Saxy’s sleep transitional pajama wear, whether you decide to sleep in or lounge around until the last minute the most critical part of putting together a look will already be done. You can go from snooze to fab in a matter of seconds without the annoyance of tearing through your entire closet to find that one outfit. Now, I know what you are thinking, I will never go out in pajamas! However, with Saxy’s transitional sleepwear, it’s not only comfortable, but Saxy’s has some bralette style tops decorated with sexy lacing that with some cute heels and the right accessories will be easily the hottest outfit of the night! And once it’s all over and you’re wobbling back to your house just simply take off your shoes, your accessories, throw on your bonnet and jump right back into bed. It’s that simple!


Stay fabulous ladies!



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