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First College Party!

Posted on September 04 2017

Before we begin with what to wear, I first think that it is important to give a bit of advice when attending your first college, party. Yes. College parties are fun, eventful, and going to be one of the best experiences of your life, but, you need to make sure that you are safe most importantly! So, I am going to you all 5 tips on making sure you have a fun and safe first college party experience!


1. Eat something before you go out:

-    The truth is, many of you all entering into college are underage and should not be drinking, but you are going to do it anyway so might as while advise you on how to do it responsibly! Drinking on an empty stomach heightens your chances of getting drunk faster. What you don’t want is to be that girl that is known for being sloppy drunk in the first party of the semester. So before going to the party of the night, grab some food with your friends and then head out!

2. Don’t go or leave a party by yourself:

-    This tip may seem self-explanatory, but a lot of girls often think that because they are on campus that they are safe! Always, always, travel with a group of friends when you are out a night. Or if you don’t have a group of friends try to go with just one other person or find a group to tag along with, hey you might just meet some cool people along the way! And this advice lends itself into the first one, if you are intoxicated never, ever leave a party by yourself or with a stranger! Make a pact with your friends to go together, leave together.

3. Never accept a drink that you did not prepare:

-    This advice is straightforward. Never take a drink from a stranger or drink that you did not see be prepared. We all know the consequences of that, so I don’t think I even need to go into further detail!

4. Always have your phone and some cash:

-    Before you leave your dorm, you always want to make sure your phone is fully charged and that you get some cash in case of an emergency. So, when you are doing taking your selfies and getting your group pictures together of your outfits, make sure at least one of you have a fully charged phone.

5. Last, dress cute, but comfortable, and have FUN!

-    Now that I have gotten the business out of the way, it’s time to have some fun! Hey, it’s your first college party, you want to be cute, but you also want to be comfortable! I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen those girls that wear 6-inch heels and walk out bare foot at the end of the night. Don’t be that girl. NOBODY should want to be that girl. Now, I am going to transition on the “What to wear” portion of this blog!


What to wear?

I first want to preface this by saying if you have not read the “Back 2 School” blog go read that, it also gives great tips on what to wear in college:

1. Dress comfortably:

-    Don’t wear heels that you know you will want to take off in the middle of the party and don’t wear a dress that you will have to keep pulling down! Dress comfortably, fashion doesn’t ALWAYS have to be painful. BTW since you’re reading this blog, you can go check out Saxony’s collection of transitional, fashionable sleepwear, that is both comfortable and chic.

2. Be yourself:

-    Don’t try to dress to impress, be yourself! Dress however you feel the most confident and comfortable.

3. Be confident

4. Mix it up:

-    Who cares if you wore those same denim shorts Tuesday?! Mix it up! Wear those same shorts with a cute top, throw on some nice shoes, and jazz it up with the right accessories and you got yourself an outfit! Don’t feel like you must wear something different every day or even every party. Be resourceful of your clothes and MONEY! After all, college is about learning to live on a budget!



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