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Back 2 School

Posted on August 14 2017

         It is almost that time again! Back in class, struggling with school work, stressed out, no sleep and most of all you have probably been eyeing that cutie in class but you can never get up in time enough to put effort into an outfit! How many times have you been in that situation? Where you have some cute eye candy in class, but you are always in your finest sweats (sarcasm). Or what about that sudden dreadful fire drill where you are in bed and caught completely off guard! Now you must face your fears by going outside looking a complete wreck in your holy PJs. ALL of us have!  It is a new semester and let’s start it off right and in style! In this blog we are going to go through the top must have fashions for the upcoming school year, whether you are an entering freshman or a graduating senior, we want to make sure we have you ready for your first day of classes!



Top 10 college wardrobe essentials:


  1. One of our pajama pant sets:

I would suggest the Tuxedo styled pajama pant-set to begin due to its unique versatility.

  1. Oversized flannel:

You may have to travel over to the men’s section to find a good oversized flannel but having one in college is a necessity! More so for its comfort, for those long nights in the library or even dressing it up with some cute denim shorts.

  1. A formal sundress:

For those experienced college girls, you already know the necessity for a formal dress. It can be used for the college parties, or even if you are looking to pledge with one of the sororities, it is a huge investment!

  1. A nice pair of knee high boots:

As the season changes from summer to fall, investing in a good pair of riding boots is your best bet.

  1. A scarf:

Scarfs are one of the biggest accessories when piecing together an outfit! It can give you just enough without doing too much.

  1. A stylish backpack or oversized purse:

Now from what I have seen is a lot of girls like to use oversized bags to carry their class books or laptop but instead of using your purse to do heavy duty work, find a stylish backpack to substitute!

  1. A good oversized pair of reflective sunglasses:

Now I know what you are thinking, why is everything oversized! I promise to have a nice pair of oversized, reflective sunglasses can never do you wrong. Think of them as shields for your eyes for the dark circles from the lack of sleep from the night before.

  1. A cardigan:

It seems like the best essentials wardrobe must haves are for the fall. The fall is the best time to look your best because of the layering of clothes.

  1. Professional attire:

For those that are actively looking for an internship, co-op, or even a regular job, having a couple of suits, pants or skirts is very important when getting that position.

  1. A basic tee and jeans:

When it all boils down, just having a basic tee-shirt and jeans for any day of the week is all you need to get through the day!



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