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Transitional Sleepwear! What is it You Ask?

Posted on November 14 2016

We've got two words for you, transitional sleepwear! Huh? What is that you ask? It's the latest new trend in sleepwear and Saxy's is leading the way. There are finally PJs that can easily transition from nightwear to day wear. With Saxy's sleepwear you don't have to ask yourself if your pajamas are appropriate for daywear use because they were made with this in mind.


How often do you find yourself annoyed that you have to get redressed just to run simple errands? We're sure your answer to that is very often--lol. Well those days are over and we mean that! You no longer have to waste your time changing clothes to go walk the dog or pick up a dozen of eggs from the market. With Saxy's sleepwear you can go from nightwear to streetwear in about 15 minutes, tops. No kidding! Take our Khloe chemise for example, you can pair this with a pair of converse and a cute jean jacket and be ready to conquer any errand. This concept takes into account the everyday woman as well as the fashionista that loves to take risk and set trends. This new trend in sleepwear is not only about fashion, but also about functionality. Having multiple purposes for one garment is definitely a major plus. So for the fashion lovers we've taken our Marilyn pajama pant set and transformed it into a badass, edgy ensemble. This look transcends "just going out for errands" and easily becomes the outfit of the day. 


Saxy's is redefining sexy comfort by fusing together sexiness and comfort. It's time for women to be able to have both, and not have to choose. The transitional element of Saxy's allows women flexibility and the ability to be creative when transitioning from sleepwear to day wear. Fashion and creativity go hand in hand and Saxy’s isn’t afraid to get out in front of this trend and lead the way. Get you a pair of sexy, comfy, and transitional PJs today at and become one of the trailblazers of this new trend.




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