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Behind the Scenes of Saxy's Photo Shoot

Posted on November 06 2016

Like any new brand you need pictures to showcase your ideas to the masses and Saxy's is no different. We knew that we had to show the world of women how incredibly sexy, comfy, and versatile Saxy's sleepwear is. So we accepted the challenge of producing amazing photos during our very own photo shoot. That day was nothing short of amazing because of 2 main components, our awesome product and remarkable team of models, hair and makeup artists, and photographer. So sit back as we take you behind the scenes of our first photo shoot.

The shoot took place at a location with so much character and personality, The Atlanta Goat Farm. We shot for a full eight hours, but time really seemed to pass us by because it certainly didn’t feel like an all-day event. Our main focus was to illustrate how comfy and sexy the pajamas truly are. It was important that our models believed in the product so that it would translate into the pictures. We can honestly say this was the easiest part because the models loved the product. This made getting the “perfect” shot so much easier and they were true professionals. 

Having the makeup artist and hairstylist on set the entire time was the best decision we made. They kept the girls looking flawless and never missed a beat. They were like energizer bunnies that just kept on going and we loved every bit of it. Whenever a hand was needed they were there to lend one.

 Our biggest challenge was to convey how easily Saxy’s sleepwear transitions from nightwear to street wear and our photographer was definitely up for the challenge. Showing how effortlessly the pajamas could be dressed up for any women to run a few quick errands was a daunting task that we’d say we successfully completed 100%. Nobody wants to waste time having to get “re-dressed” to run to the ATM, grocery store, or to pick up a package because of their PJs.  By shooting various scenes and setups throughout the venue we were able to illustrate this story to our audience and show them that Saxy’s is the solution. 

At the end of the day everyone was smiling ear from ear because we totally rocked our photo shoot and everyone was a contributing factor to that success.We invite you amazing babes to check out some of the pictures from a behind the scenes perspective of how we worked to bring Saxy’s to life.

We invite you amazing babes to check out some of the pictures from a behind the scenes perspective of how we worked to bring Saxy’s to life.




Thank you to our amazing photographer, Jang Choe, models, Alicia Watson and Aiyana Lewis, hair stylist, Arlene Martin, and makeup artist, Maggie Powers. You all were awesome!



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  • Lucinda Gaddis: November 09, 2016

    Congratulations on the launch! Your creativity is inspiring! I wish you the utmost success!

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